Camp Calm: 30 Days of Mindfulness by David Cain

Camp Calm: 30 Days of Mindfulness

A simple, thoughtful course for learning meditation and other mindfulness skills.

What is Camp Calm?

Camp Calm is virtual retreat for learning the basics of mindfulness and meditation.

It’s designed for people who are interested in mindfulness, but who:

  1. Don’t know where to start
  2. Have tried to practice mindfulness but found it difficult or confusing, or
  3. Have never been able to practice it consistently, for whatever reason

How Does It Work?

Camp Calm is an online course, and the different sections of the course represent different areas of the Camp.

When you register, your first step will be to visit the Orientation Lodge. Here you’ll learn how Camp Calm works.

After that you’ll visit the Meditation Hall, where you’ll learn the basics of mindfulness, and the meditation technique we’ll be using in the Camp.

Then, whenever you’re ready, you’ll embark on the Wilderness Trail — the 30 daily lessons at the heart of Camp. Each day we look closer at one aspect of mindfulness practice, and do a short meditation.

There's also a Resource Center, full of tips and techniques for addressing any difficulties that come up in your practice.

Typically the daily lesson takes about 5 minutes to read, and the practices start at about 5 or 10 minutes. Throughout the Trail, I’ll encourage you to lengthen your sessions as your confidence grows, but ultimately it’s up to you.

Some lessons include guided audio meditations, although we don’t rely too much on them (and there are good reasons for that — too many people never learn to meditate without headphones!)

Each day’s practices are simple and don’t take long, but by the end of Camp, you will have achieved something significant: a modest but consistent daily mindfulness practice that you can build on for life.

One of the most rewarding parts of Camp is discussing our practices with other Campers, which we all do at the discussion forum, nicknamed The Campfire. I answer all questions posted there, or you can email me if it’s private.

Most people do the 30 lessons in 30 days, but you can do them at a slower pace if you like. If you’re particularly enthusiastic, and want to practice more intensively, there are options for that too. The Camp is designed to meet you where you are.

You can do the Camp from any computer, tablet or smartphone. It is up to you what time of day you do the lessons.

Camp Calm is operated by a single person (my name is David — hi!) and I keep the groups small enough that I can answer everybody’s questions promptly. I’ll do everything I can to help you establish a consistent mindfulness practice, even after Camp is over.

More than 1800 people have taken the Camp since its inception in 2015.

Want to learn to meditate in a supportive, low-pressure environment, with lovely nature themes and the nostalgia of Summer camp?

Registration is currently OPEN. Come join us around the Campfire!

What's included?

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Orientation Lodge
1. Welcome to Camp Calm
2. How Camp Calm Works
3. The Heart of Camp: Daily Practice
Meditation Hall
1. Why Meditate?
2. The Mindful Attitude
3. The Camp Calm Meditation Method
4. How to Meditate
5. "But I Can't Stop Thinking!"
6. Two Ways to Think About Meditation Practice
The Wilderness Trail
Day 1: Two Intentions
Day 2: Why We Sit
Day 3: Receptivity
Day 4: Breathing Naturally
Day 5: Getting Overwhelmed
Day 6: Making Friends With The Mind
Day 7: Watching the Weather
Day 8: The Body is Trying to Tell You Something
Day 9: Mindfulness in Motion
Day 10: Making Space
Day 11: Am I Doing it Right?
Day 12: Letting Go
Day 13: Sleepiness
Day 14: Tiny Sessions
Day 15: The Path From Here
Day 16: Resistance
Day 17: Bless This Mess
Day 18: Stability of Mind
Day 19: Diligence
Day 20: How Much is Enough?
Day 21: So This is That
Day 22: Everything is Connected to the Heart
Day 23: Where Was My Mind Just Now?
Day 24: Relaxing the Body is Relaxing the Mind
Day 25: Stay the Course
Day 26: A New Intuition
Day 27: This Is The Right Moment
Day 28: An Ocean of Wisdom
Day 29: Taking the Reins
Day 30: Freedom
Resource Center
General Meditation Tips
A Trusty Tool: Counting Breaths
Common Difficulties in Meditation
Dealing With Physical Discomfort
Dealing With Restlessness
Dealing With "Monkey Mind"
Dealing With Overwhelm
Dealing With Sleepiness
Dealing With Boredom
Dealing With Frustration
Dealing With Doubt
Dealing With Resistance to Practice
How to Improve: The Main Strategy
What If You're Not Making Progress? (Most Common Reasons)
Q&A Bulletin Board
A Good Day of Practice
The Summit Hike [Bonus Lessons]
1. Mindfulness of Thinking
2. Turning Towards and Turning Away
3. The Power of Half a Breath
4. Mini and Micro Meditation
5. The Quality That Makes All The Difference
The Campfire
Camp Calm Discussion Forum
Email David
Equipment Shed
Camp Calm Tracking Sheet
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Basic Guided Meditation
12 mins
Ambient Bodily Sensation Meditation (12 mins).mp3
13 mins
Ambient Bodily Sensation Meditation (18 mins).mp3
19 mins
Relaxation Exercise (12 mins).mp3
13 mins
Getting grounded in the physical (5 min).mp3
6 mins
Meditation With Guided Beginning (17 mins).mp3
18 mins
Long Meditation (27 mins).mp3
28 mins

Learn to live mindfully. No experience necessary.

Camp Calm is a thoughtful, straightforward course for learning meditation and other mindfulness skills. Join other Campers in establishing a daily practice you can take as far as you like.