Camp Calm Relax: Mindfulness for Relaxation by David Cain
Enrollment is closed

Camp Calm Relax: Mindfulness for Relaxation

Enrollment is closed
This is the pilot run of Camp Calm Relax, a course dedicated to using mindfulness to cultivate relaxation and repose. Pull up a hammock and learn to relax with us.

What's included?

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Orientation Lodge
Quick Note to The Pilot Group
1. What is This Course About?
2. How Camp Works
3. How We're Going to Practice
Meditation Hall
What We'll Learn in the Meditation Hall
1. Mindfulness As Three Skills
2. A Tour of The Senses (Audio)
3. Exploring Body Experience (Audio)
4. Exploring Physical Relaxation (Audio)
5. Exploring Breathing With (Audio)
6. How to Focus On An Experience
The Wilderness Trail
1. Welcome to The Wilderness Trail
2. Knowing As You're Breathing (Audio)
3. Appreciating Relaxation (Audio)
4. Knowing Sensation (Self-practice)
5. Opening To This Body (Audio)
6. Finding Concentration and Clarity (Audio)
7. Staying With Sensation (Self-practice)
8. Opening Up to Intensity (Audio)
9. Whole Body Equanimity (Audio)
10. Allowing Sensation (Self practice)
11. Settling Deeply (Audio)
12. Resting in Stillness (Audio)
13. Breathing With, On Your Own (Self practice)
14. Guided Informal Practice (Audio)
15. Bedtime Relaxation (Audio) [Bonus]
16. Putting It All Together
What did you think of Camp?
Resource Center
Mindfulness Glossary
Am I Doing It Right?
Breathing With FAQ
The Campfire
Camp Calm Discussion Forum
Email David
Equipment Shed
Breathing With Cheat Sheet
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Camp Calm Tracking Sheet
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Tour of the Senses [16 min]
17 mins
Exploring Body Experience [14 min]
14 mins
Exploring Physical Relaxation [11 min]
11 mins
Exploring Breathing With [19 min]
19 mins
Breathing With the Hands and Legs [13 min]
14 mins
Appreciating Relaxation [16 min]
17 mins
Opening to the Whole Body [17 min]
16.2 MB
Strengthening Concentration and Clarity [16 min]
14.9 MB
Working With Intense Sensations [21 min]
19.4 MB
Generating Equanimity With Body [17 min]
15.6 MB
Settling, Opening, Relaxing [23 min +]
30.7 MB
Resting in Relaxation [19 min]
17.6 MB
Informal Practice [13 min].mp3
14 mins
Bedtime Relaxation [20 mins].mp3
20 mins