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When the going gets tough, the tough get help. Come here any time for tools, trail maps, and survival guides.

Resource Center sections are here for you to use whenever you need. If you are having trouble with a particular aspect of practice, or just want some tips, peruse the headings and jump in wherever you like.
Resource Center
General Meditation Tips
A Trusty Tool: Counting Breaths
Common Difficulties in Meditation
Dealing With Physical Discomfort
Dealing With Restlessness
Dealing With "Monkey Mind"
Dealing With Overwhelm
Dealing With Sleepiness
Dealing With Boredom
Dealing With Frustration
Dealing With Doubt
Dealing With Resistance to Practice
How to Improve: The Main Strategy
What If You're Not Making Progress? (Most Common Reasons)
Q&A Bulletin Board
A Good Day of Practice