The Wilderness Trail

The heart of Camp Calm is a 30-day journey to a daily practice. Once you're ready to embark on the path, gather your gear and meet us at the trailhead!

The Season 8 main group will be leaving March 19th, 2019, but you can set out any time you like.

The Wilderness Trail lessons are meant to be completed at a rate of one a day, so that you get a lesson and a practice in 30 days in a row. This is the best way to form a solid meditation practice. 

If you miss a day, just pick up where you left off -- but try to meditate even on days you don't do a lesson.

If you're planning to join the main group of Campers, do your Day One lesson and practice sometime on March 19th. Then Day Two on the 2nd, and so on.

The Wilderness Trail
Day 1: Two Intentions
Day 2: Why We Sit
Day 3: Receptivity
Day 4: Breathing Naturally
Day 5: Getting Overwhelmed
Day 6: Making Friends With The Mind
Day 7: Watching the Weather
Day 8: The Body is Trying to Tell You Something
Day 9: Mindfulness in Motion
Day 10: Making Space
Day 11: Am I Doing it Right?
Day 12: Letting Go
Day 13: Sleepiness
Day 14: Tiny Sessions
Day 15: The Path From Here
Day 16: Resistance
Day 17: Bless This Mess
Day 18: Stability of Mind
Day 19: Diligence
Day 20: How Much is Enough?
Day 21: So This is That
Day 22: Everything is Connected to the Heart
Day 23: Where Was My Mind Just Now?
Day 24: Relaxing the Body is Relaxing the Mind
Day 25: Stay the Course
Day 26: A New Intuition
Day 27: This Is The Right Moment
Day 28: An Ocean of Wisdom
Day 29: Taking the Reins
Day 30: Freedom