The Wilderness Trail

The heart of Camp Calm is a 30-day journey to a daily practice. Once you're ready to embark on the path, gather your gear and meet us at the trailhead!

The Wilderness Trail lessons are usually completed at a rate of one a day, so that you get a lesson and a practice in 30 days in a row. This is a great way to form a solid meditation practice. 

If you miss a day, just pick up where you left off -- but try to meditate even on days you don't do a lesson.

The Wilderness Trail
Day 1: Two Intentions
Day 2: Why We Sit
Day 3: Receptivity
Day 4: Breathing Naturally
Day 5: Getting Overwhelmed
Day 6: Making Friends With The Mind
Day 7: Watching the Weather
Day 8: The Body is Trying to Tell You Something
Day 9: Mindfulness in Motion
Day 10: Making Space
Day 11: Am I Doing it Right?
Day 12: Letting Go
Day 13: Sleepiness
Day 14: Tiny Sessions
Day 15: The Path From Here
Day 16: Resistance
Day 17: Bless This Mess
Day 18: Stability of Mind
Day 19: Diligence
Day 20: How Much is Enough?
Day 21: So This is That
Day 22: Everything is Connected to the Heart
Day 23: Where Was My Mind Just Now?
Day 24: Relaxing the Body is Relaxing the Mind
Day 25: Stay the Course
Day 26: A New Intuition
Day 27: This Is The Right Moment
Day 28: An Ocean of Wisdom
Day 29: Taking the Reins
Day 30: Freedom