Camp Calm: 30 Days of Mindfulness

A simple, thoughtful course for learning meditation and other mindfulness skills.
Orientation Lodge
1. Welcome to Camp Calm
2. How Camp Calm Works
3. The Heart of Camp: Daily Practice
Meditation Hall
1. Why Meditate?
2. The Mindful Attitude
3. The Camp Calm Meditation Method
4. How to Meditate
5. "But I Can't Stop Thinking!"
6. Two Ways to Think About Meditation Practice
The Wilderness Trail
Day 1: Two Intentions
Day 2: Why We Sit
Day 3: Receptivity
Day 4: Breathing Naturally
Day 5: Getting Overwhelmed
Day 6: Making Friends With The Mind
Day 7: Watching the Weather
Day 8: The Body is Trying to Tell You Something
Day 9: Mindfulness in Motion
Day 10: Making Space
Day 11: Am I Doing it Right?
Day 12: Letting Go
Day 13: Sleepiness
Day 14: Tiny Sessions
Day 15: The Path From Here
Day 16: Resistance
Day 17: Bless This Mess
Day 18: Stability of Mind
Day 19: Diligence
Day 20: How Much is Enough?
Day 21: So This is That
Day 22: Everything is Connected to the Heart
Day 23: Where Was My Mind Just Now?
Day 24: Relaxing the Body is Relaxing the Mind
Day 25: Stay the Course
Day 26: A New Intuition
Day 27: This Is The Right Moment
Day 28: An Ocean of Wisdom
Day 29: Taking the Reins
Day 30: Freedom
Resource Center
General Meditation Tips
A Trusty Tool: Counting Breaths
Common Difficulties in Meditation
Dealing With Physical Discomfort
Dealing With Restlessness
Dealing With "Monkey Mind"
Dealing With Overwhelm
Dealing With Sleepiness
Dealing With Boredom
Dealing With Frustration
Dealing With Doubt
Dealing With Resistance to Practice
How to Improve: The Main Strategy
What If You're Not Making Progress? (Most Common Reasons)
Q&A Bulletin Board
A Good Day of Practice
The Summit Hike [Bonus Lessons]
1. Mindfulness of Thinking
2. Turning Towards and Turning Away
3. The Power of Half a Breath
4. Mini and Micro Meditation
5. The Quality That Makes All The Difference
The Campfire
Camp Calm Discussion Forum
Email David
Equipment Shed
Camp Calm Tracking Sheet
336 KB
Basic Guided Meditation
12 mins
Ambient Bodily Sensation Meditation (12 mins).mp3
13 mins
Ambient Bodily Sensation Meditation (18 mins).mp3
19 mins
Relaxation Exercise (12 mins).mp3
13 mins
Getting grounded in the physical (5 min).mp3
6 mins
Meditation With Guided Beginning (17 mins).mp3
18 mins
Long Meditation (27 mins).mp3
28 mins